Bathing Rituals


It was said that Cleopatra soaked in a bath of milk, honey, botanicals and essential oils every day to keep her skin youthful and soft. Our botanicals are wild crafted or organically grown and pesticide free. We use aromatherapy grade essential oils. 

Bathing is one of most sacred ancient purification rituals. Honoring our ancestors, our body and our spirit, when you take in the waters we want you to truly melt into the experience. Any bathing or showering experience can become a sacred one. 

To create a bathing or shower ritual:

  • Gather crystals, candles, palo santo, burn bundles or other sacred objects to help amplify and set the mood.
  • Light a candle and set an intention for you experience
  • You may use Palo Santo or a burn bundle to energetically cleanse you space
  • As you bath and cleanse your body take time to notice and appreciate every part of you. Thank each area of your body individually and send healing thoughts into those areas
  • Imagine all the negativity being washed away, and every part of you become healthy, whole and renewed. If possible take a few moments in quiet meditation