Oceania Soap bar made with kombucha and indigo powder. teaxtured with Persian Blue Salt, naturally scented with lemongrass essential oils
Oceania soap bar. has a light blue to dark blue marbeling, made with natural indigo powder
Oceania freshly poured wet soap in the wood mold.  Persian Blue Salt is sprinkled on the textured top
Persian Blue Salt adorns the teaxtured top
Delicate indigo blue swirl and light cream soap bar with Persian salt sprinkled on teaxtured soap top. Monstera leaves nestle around soap sitting on a cool grey concrete slab


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Clean, breazy, and so fresh! 

Made with Kombucha, Indigo Powder, Kaolin Clay, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil and topped with Persian Blue Salt


Probiotics in kombucha are said to help restores and maintains the skin's natural microbiome